Our Team

Frank Scariano, Owner

Frank Scariano, Owner

Frank built Scariano Construction from the ground up, beginning in 1994, and still loves the work that he does each day. He started his career in California, working in financial services, but yearned for more tangible and satisfying work. When he found a job opening with a cabinet maker, he took a chance and switched paths to follow his passion.

Frank and his wife and sons moved to Missoula in 1993, finding the town a great environment to raise a family and an ideal place to start a construction business. Frank’s work days are a healthy mix of office and site-based work. He’ll check in with staff and subcontractors, meet with new clients to guide them through the construction process in an approachable and engaging way, and keep tabs on everything from small details to the big picture. He enjoys employing a great team of people who work together to create solutions and mutually support one another in pursuit of high-quality work and excellent client relationships.  

Frank’s Montana roots date back to his mother’s family’s homestead in eastern Montana, and he continues to put down roots in the Missoula community. He enjoys giving back through service to the YMCA, Run Wild Missoula, the Missoula Food Bank, and Hellgate High School Cross Country. He is also Chair of the Foundation for the Missoula Public Library, and a member of the Snowbowl Ski Patrol.


J Reilly, Project Manager

J’s thirst for new challenges has made him an excellent match for Scariano Construction. A natural craftsman, he began his trade work installing flooring in Georgia and never stopped learning.

J spent part of his childhood near Kalispell and always dreamed of returning to the mountains of Montana. He and his wife moved to Missoula in 2009, when he joined the Scariano team as a laborer. He worked his way through the roles of carpenter, lead carpenter, site supervisor, and since 2016, project manager. He enjoys all elements of his job, whether he is ordering materials, collaborating with clients, putting final touches on a woodworking project, or making sure the crew has what they need to keep a project moving forward.

J enjoys getting to know clients and earning their confidence as projects move from plans to completion. He thrives on producing results that exceed expectations and bring joy. When he’s not working, J loves to be outdoors running trails and ultramarathons, backpacking, and hiking with his wife and friends. He also enjoys stand-up comedy specials and playing bluegrass guitar.

Anthony Krolczyk, Project Manager

Anthony grew up in Minnesota, inheriting the construction industry from both sides of his family: general contracting and commercial roofing. He grew up working in the family business, spending his summers roofing, but also backpacking in the Beartooth Mountains, which is how he fell in love with Montana. 

He earned degrees in business management and marketing from the University of Montana. After graduation, Anthony gained experience in the sports nutrition and tech industries, but always yearned to get back to construction. When he met Frank Scariano as a fellow Ski Patrol volunteer, he found his opportunity.

Anthony brings excellent communication skills and a strong sense of team to his work each day. He thrives on creative problem-solving as he ensures that each part of the job comes together on schedule, at the right cadence, and within the scope of work.

He and his wife — who is also in the trades — are proud parents of two young daughters. Off the clock, he loves to cook, and pursues classic Montana hobbies: fly fishing, skiing, camping, and hiking.

Chris Greenwood, Site Supervisor

Chris Greenwood, Site Supervisor

Chris began his career as a landscaper in his home state of Maryland, and quickly proved to be skilled at framing and carpentry as well. Once he arrived in Montana, he joined the Scariano team, where he earned the roles of lead carpenter and site supervisor. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of carpentry, and knows the flow and timing of each job intimately. His long tenure at Scariano Construction, over 20 years, makes him an invaluable source of expertise on our most challenging projects.

Chris spends almost all of his work time on the job site, whether he’s framing, performing finish carpentry, or training junior staff to the high standards of the Scariano team. He’s the rare person who can successfully manage a project while also wearing a toolbelt. Down-to-earth, organized, and unflappable, Chris’s most satisfying moments are when he brings a high-quality job to completion on time. He enjoys the challenges of custom building and tries to learn a few new things on every project. 

In his free time, Chris pursues diverse interests. He takes his daughter hiking, swimming, and to her soccer and volleyball games. He also practices target shooting and marksmanship, and enjoys listening to an eclectic collection of vinyl records.

Shawn Pascua, Site Supervisor

Shawn joined Scariano Construction three years ago, and has quickly become a valuable member of the team. Shawn started in the trades over thirty years ago, working with his father as a roof framer, and has since learned carpentry, finish work, concrete, and heavy equipment operation. Shawn knows how to figure things out and with great results.

His favorite part of his job is working with the crew, and it shows: Shawn is adept at keeping workers productive and engaged, and truly cares about them becoming better craftspeople. He can quickly organize complicated task lists, and he solves problems creatively and efficiently. As one contractor told us, “If I walk on the job site and see that Shawn’s there, I know everything’s going to be OK.” When he’s not at work, Shawn enjoys dirt biking and snowboarding.

Ashley Zhinin, Interior Designer

Ashley has been a creative person since her childhood in Helena, Montana. She earned a BFA in Dance Choreography and Performance, as well as a BA in Anthropology, from the University of Montana. She comes to Scariano Construction with years of experience in human resources and office management, and is excited to expand into interior design, having earned a certificate from the Interior Design Institute.

On a typical day, Ashley may source materials, talk with clients to gather their priorities and ideas, create design storyboards, and communicate with jobsite staff to represent each client’s design interests. Her experience as a dancer and choreographer informs her ability to achieve visually balanced spaces, with good lighting, flow, and use of textiles. Ashley brings strong collaborative skills and a sense of fun to her work with clients. 

Ashley and her husband enjoy doting on their cat and dog, and spending time with her family at their mountain cabin. She also collects vintage fashion, creates DIY projects for her own home, and continues to dance.