residential remodel

Brick Bungalow

After using this home as an investment property for a number of years the owner decided to refurbish and move […]

The Hermitage

Our clients wanted a small meditation and writing sanctuary nestled on their property. We worked carefully within the existing landscaping […]

residential remodel

Arts & Crafts Makeover

This project transformed an uninviting, 1980s cookie-cutter structure into a warm, inviting, Arts & Crafts home. Nooks and interior spaces […]

residential remodel

Victorian Farmhouse

This house was featured in This Old House magazine, showing fine craftsmanship and period-appropriate details throughout, including both stained and […]

residential remodel

University Bungalow

We expanded this one-story home to become family-ready by adding two dormers above, creating an additional bedroom, bathroom, reading area, […]

Flathead Lake Retreat

This new home fulfilled a dream for its owners, who camped on the land before building it: a family getaway […]

Artist’s Cottage

Originally a 450 square foot house with a detached garage, for this project we doubled the livable area while staying […]

Strawberry Ridge Farm

We worked closely with architects, interior design professionals, and landscapers to transform a large but outdated 1980s farmhouse and construct […]