The Hermitage

Our clients wanted a small meditation and writing sanctuary nestled on their property. We worked carefully within the existing landscaping to build a 100 square foot space that perfectly met their needs. Atop radiant floor heating, we overlaid a single piece of slate, cut and re-formed to show the rich, continuous grain. The hermitage features walls made of battered Chief Cliff stone, teak window and door frames, and hand-crafted leaded glass windows. The hardware is hand-forged in iron, and the roof is hand-crimped copper.

Arts & Crafts Makeover

This project transformed an uninviting, 1980s cookie-cutter structure into a warm, inviting, Arts & Crafts home. Nooks and interior spaces highlight the client’s beautiful collection of artwork, and exterior spaces mesh with the surrounding landscape. Our craftspeople custom-built the front door, entry light, and battered-stone foundation.

Victorian Farmhouse

This house was featured in This Old House magazine, showing fine craftsmanship and period-appropriate details throughout, including both stained and painted fir trim, tiled bathrooms, and energy-efficient windows. We designed vertical grain hardwood floors to complement the client’s antique rugs.

University Bungalow

We expanded this one-story home to become family-ready by adding two dormers above, creating an additional bedroom, bathroom, reading area, and sewing room. The upgrade also included an efficient heating system that reduced home energy costs despite the house’s increased square footage. To allow the owners to live in the structure during the process with minimal interruption, we created a temporary, exterior staircase for our crew’s access. This remodel won Fine Homebuilding magazine’s Remodel of the Year for 2011. Custom milled siding and interior mouldings help match existing architectural detail

Flathead Lake Retreat

This new home fulfilled a dream for its owners, who camped on the land before building it: a family getaway that blends with the natural elements surrounding it. The roof’s slope mimics the slope of the land, with siding patterns that echo sky above and lake below. We repurposed reclaimed metal roof panels as siding, installed vertical grain fir trim and shop-built custom furniture, and used locally sourced, low-maintenance flooring. The house comfortably accommodates up to 18 people, yet feels warm and intimate, with playful elements such as wasabi green cabinets and backsplash tile. Two sleeping porches recreate the camping experience, with lanterns and large windows opening to the lakeshore nearby.

Artist’s Cottage

Originally a 450 square foot house with a detached garage, for this project we doubled the livable area while staying true to the cottage’s style and cozy feel. We added a loft bedroom above the garage, and built a new study that seamlessly connects the garage and loft to the main cottage. We created abundant custom storage throughout, and bumped out the kitchen to add a quaint breakfast nook with a natural, curved fir ceiling.

Strawberry Ridge Farm

We worked closely with architects, interior design professionals, and landscapers to transform a large but outdated 1980s farmhouse and construct an additional 2,000 square feet of living space. The home’s modern yet comfortable aesthetic features a steel and white oak staircase and 16-foot-high living room windows overlooking a dramatic view of the Rattlesnake Valley. We designed and constructed an outdoor swinging daybed using steel, reclaimed fir, custom upholstery, and hemp rope. We also increased the garden size and created outbuildings for the family’s chickens, goats, and donkeys.